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Frequently asked questions

Having provided the live entertainment to over 200 weddings/ private parties/ corporate events, we know the questions that we get asked the most by those who book us. So we felt it best to answer as many answers here as we can to save you the need to ask! Nonetheless, should you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us; we're always more than happy to answer any questions/ concerns you may have! There are no "stupid" questions!

how much is your deposit, and when do you need full payment?

Understanding that weddings and big events arent cheap, we only ask for a £50 deposit. This is only requested upon you digitally approving our quote and digitally signing our performance contract. The entirity of the outstanding fee is due via bank transfer 7 days prior to your wedding/ event.

do you offer payment plans?

Unfortunately this is not something we offer at this time. However, as already stated, we do only request a small deposit, and the remaining balance 7 days prior to your event.


We take pride in the musical quality of our live sets, and have put many hours into practising them so that they are of the highest quality. Given this, unless your request is a song we already know, we cannot take requests on the night of your event. Our DJ Luke, however, is more than happy to take your requests during his DJ sets between our live music, and afterwards up until 00:00! At his discretion, he may choose not to play your request immediately if he feels that your guests aren't likely to respond to the song choice well. If you are a bride/ groom, this is not the case; your request is always priority.

can we choose what time you play your live sets?

We're firm believers that its your wedding/ event, so you're the boss! We only ask that the start of our first live set is no earlier than 18:30. Having played at lots of weddings and events, we've found what times seem to work best to get the most out of your night, and of your guests, so we're more than happy to make recommendations to you!

our venue has a built-in noise limiter. Does this affect you?

This is something we encounter frequently, especially in venues that are located in densely populated areas. With this in mind, our entire setup has been designed so we can be as quiet or as loud as you/ your venue require. This applies even when we play with the addition of our drummer (the Lennon & McCartney package), as the drum kit we use is a high-end electric kit. This means the volume level of the drums will always be properly balanced against the volume level of our guitars and vocals- we know there is nothing worse than watching a live band and the sound of the drums drowns out the rest of the band! Our sound technician Luke is included with every package and ensures the sound does not exceed your venue's limits.


As flattered as we are whenever we're asked this question, unfortunately this is not something we're able to offer. The reason behind this is that when we play our live sets, the sole objective we have is to get you and your guests on the dancefloor, and then keep you there until we finish and our DJ can take over. We therefore purposely build our set list in a particular order that gradually builds to a grand finish- ie. towards the end of our set, we are playing our favourite crowd-pleasers that (through experience) we know never fail. Understanding that these cannot be topped, once we have finished our live sets, we can offer no more live music for any additional fees. Of course, if you ask for an encore, we can definitely squeeze one final song in!

what time do you set up?

As standard, we allow time for set up no more than 3 hours before the start of our live set. At venues with multiple rooms, this is never an issue as we are able to set up and sound check out of the way of you and your guests during the afternoon. However, if your event is held in one room, or you would just like us to be set up before your event starts, this can be arranged. We charge an additional hourly rate for every hour over the 3 hours you'd like us set up. This is purely because setting up earlier prevents us booking any daytime work. eg. If you want live music from 19:00, but you want us to setup at 10:00, we would charge for 6 hours of extra set up time as this is 9 hours before our start time.


This is not a problem in the slightest. We are more than happy to plug into your venue's sound system should they not permit us to use our own. We only ask that you are aware that we cannot be held responsible if the quality/ volume of the venue's sound system is not of a high quality. Our live music setup and DJ setup will not alter from when we use our own sound systems. As an additional comment, we do not offer any discounts if we are requested to use your venue's built-in sound system.


Most venues have a curfew, and expect that all music be turned off by 00:00. If this is the case, we will always abide by the venue's rules, no matter how much you and your guests request we continue. All venues have insurance policies that permit them to serve drinks and play music until a certain time; therefore stopping at the time the venue requests is a legal requirement on our part. We do however know that some venues allow you to continue to celebrate past midnight and so this is something people often request. With all of our entertainment packages, our DJ is included as standard up until 00:00. Should you want (and your venue allows) music past 00:00, we allow you to pay for extra hours of DJ music (charged as a flat rate per hour). This however, must be requested, agreed and paid for prior to your event (upon accepting our quote). If requested on the night, we will unfortunately decline. It is therefore recommended that you purchase this in advance if you feel it is likely that you and your guests will want to continue partying past 00:00!


We are more than happy to alter your invoice/ quote after you have already booked us for your event. We only ask that you make no alterations within 3 months of your event date as this leaves us too little time to learn first dance/ father-daughter dance songs. Should you wish to purchase additional DJ hours or upgrade to a higher production package, this is subject to availability.

will your DJ play our first dance/ father-daughter dance songs?

Yes, of course. If you don't want us to learn your special songs and perform them live, our DJ will be more than happy to play your requested songs on the night instead (no additional fee).

are you actually brothers?

Easily one of the most common questions we get asked. Yes, we are 100% brothers, 5 years apart in age. And just to clarify, our surname is Foster; we aren't adopted or fostered!

how long have you been performing for?

We have been playing the guitar and harmonising from a very young age, but we officially started gigging publically in 2019. Since then we gradually moved from pubs to weddings and private events and haven't looked back! To date, we have provided the live entertainment for over 200 events/ weddings. We're therefore confident that we know how to get a crowd on their feet!

do you make contact with the venue to discuss the event?

We're very passionate about making the process of booking us as stress-free as possible. We therefore like to take as much of the organising burden away from you as we can! After confirming your booking into our diary (and the deposit paid), we send out an event information form for you to complete. This form requests that you provide us with contact details of your venue/ your wedding coordinator (as well as other key bits of information such as set up times etc). After we have this, we make contact with your venue to discuss logistics and timings for the day of your event.

does your dj take our music taste into account?

Everyone's music taste is so different, and our DJ understands that to play the same DJ setlist for every event would be foolish. Given this, prior to your event, our colleagues at Green Light Events will make contact with you to discuss what kind of music you want to hear, and more importantly what you really don't want to hear! They will also discuss with you what you want your first and last song to be! Rest assured, your event will be just as you imagine it!

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